Ascaso Steel Uno Professional w/ PID V4

Ascaso Steel Uno Professional w/ PID V4


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In 1962, Jesus Ascaso founded the Ascaso Factory in Barcelona, Spain. The Ascaso enterprise kept on growing until it became a major brand in the world of home and professional espresso machines. It creates espresso machines and coffee grinders with long lasting components where durability and professional performance are the rule.
The term ‘Professional’ used by Ascaso signifies that the grouphead and portafilter accommodate 58mm diameter sized filter baskets like that found on commercial machines. The Ascaso Steel Uno Professional w/ PID V4 offers a marvelous combination of style and performance, allowing you to create quality espressos, cappuccinos and lattes at home. The built-in PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) controller allows you to brew espresso at the perfect temperature every time. The solid specification of this machine includes a commercial-sized filter holder in wood, 68 oz water tank and 3-way solenoid valve. Plus, the stainless steel finish (with black or white) and cool blue LED’s will make Uno Professional w/ PID the star of your kitchen.



Commercial Grouphead

The grouphead (the part that accepts the portafilter) of the Uno Professional evenly distributes heat and reduces ‘hotspots ‘ for more temperature consistent espresso. It has also been designed to evenly distribute water across the coffee grounds for better extraction. The marine grade brass is chrome plated for corrosion resistance and easy cleanup.


Its high quality means it can reach working temperatures quickly and in succession. Two thermostats control the temperature of the coffee and steam and a resettable thermostat protects the machine from accidental overheating. High capacity. Oversized to guarantee professional thermal stability and provide quality in every cup. The water circulates through an Inox circuit, reducing lime scale build-up to a minimum. Provides a limitless supply of steam.

PID Temperature Control

The control panel/digital display on the front of the machine is your access point to the built-in PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) controller which allows you program the temperature of the coffee boiler. Coffee experts know that some espresso blends brew better at 201 degree F and some at 196 degree F. Using a whole host of math equations, the PID maintains boiler temperature with exacting precision.

  • Adjustable in one-degree increments.
  • Electronic steam control.
  • Stand-by option available.
  • Coffee dose timer.
  • Programmable pre-infusion. (0 to 5 seconds).
  • Alarms (5): Water/coffee ratio, coffee or steam gauge, coffee group or steam. (Display indicates error type).


3-Way Solenoid Valve

The three-way solenoid valve is a commercial feature that relieves the water pressure off the coffee when the brew switch is turned off. The valve dries out the used ground coffee in the portafilter immediately after the brewing is finished. So you can straight away remove the handle, easily knock the dried coffee out and reset of the machine for another shot. The Steel Uno also features an adjustable over pressure valve that can be adjusted from 8 to 15 bars.

Vibratory Pump

The Ascaso UNO Professional V4 boasts a powerful vibratory pump rated at 20 BAR of pressure to extract maximum flavor from the coffee beans.

No Burn Steam Wand

A multi-directional steam wand has an excellent range of motion for ease of use. It creates fine and creamy milk foam effortlessly for your cappuccino and latte. Hot water wand is also on a ball joint making it easy to pour water into a cup.

Easy to Use Controls

The grouphead is controlled by a simple push button that activates the vibration pump and opens the group solenoid valve to deliver coffee. Once the desired quantity is reached, press the push-button again to stop brewing.

Commercial Portafilter

The Uno Professional uses heavy-duty chrome plated brass portafilter holders and spouts. The machine comes equipped with commercial grade 58 mm filter baskets to make it easier to find a quality tamper that suits your taste. You can use the same filter holder for both ground coffee and pods. The Ascaso Steel Uno Professional includes 3 stainless steel filter baskets- separate single shot and double shot filter baskets for ground coffee and one single pod filter basket for ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pre-packaged pods.
The new porafilter handle has a wood finish and it is tilted 10 degrees for easy use. If you place the portafilter on flat surface it is perfectly level making tamping a breeze.

Water Reservoir

The 68 ounce water tank is removable from the right side of the machine. You may refill the water tank any time during the operation or remove the tank to refill at your tap. In addition, one of the blue LED indicators will notify you when the water level is low.

Removable Drip Tray

You can easily slide out the plastic drip tray for easy cleaning. Front portion of pull out drip tray is in brushed black stainless steel.

Cup Warming Surface

Warm espresso cups are essential for great tasting espresso. The Uno Professional V4 w/PID offers a passive cup warming surface on top of the unit to ensure that espresso doesn’t lose temperature when poured into a cold cup.


Externally adjustable pressure valve.


The Ascaso Steel Uno Professional w/ PID comes with a detailed instruction manual, filter handle with dual spouts, single cup filter basket, double cup filter basket, pod filter basket and a aluminium tamper.

Here are the improvements over the predecessors:

  1. More room for your cup under the portafilter – 3.35″
  2. Easy access water tank is conveniently located on the side of the machine
  3. The Uno comes standard with a dual walled, multi-directional steam arm
  4. Added protection on the steam arm – a rubber protector
  5. The steam wand is made of stainless steel
  6. A new, heavy duty, professional 58 mm portafilter with wooden handle
  7. An aluminum tamper comes standard with the Uno V4
  8. Specifications
  9. Depth 31.5 cm
  10. Height 36 cm
  11. Weight 20.4 kg
  12. Width 25 cm
  13. Boiler Material Stainless Steel-Lined Aluminum
  14. Boiler Size 0.32 l
  15. Boiler Type Thermoblock
  16. Colour Black/White/Polished
  17. Cup Warmer Yes
  18. Easy To Change Brew Pressure N/A
  19. Group Type 58mm
  20. Made In Spain
  21. Manufacturer Ascaso
  22. Material Stainless Steel
  23. Maximum Cup Height N/A
  24. NSF Certification N/A
  25. Number Of Boilers 1
  26. Number Of Groups 1
  27. OPV N/A
  28. PID Yes
  29. Pod and Capsule Compatibility Yes
  30. Portafilter Baskets Included Single, Double, Pod
  31. Portafilter Size 57 mm (can use 58mm baskets)
  32. Pre infusion N/A
  33. Programmable Yes, Volumetric
  34. Pump Type Vibratory
  35. Removable Water Tank Yes
  36. Solenoid Valve Yes
  37. Steam Wand Type Traditional
  38. Type Of Controls Switches
  39. Volts 110/120
  40. Warm up Time 5 Minutes
  41. Water Filter Included N/A
  42. Water Source Water Tank
  43. Water Tank Size 2 l
  44. Watts 1250W
  45. Product Code SA-ASC-UNOP-POL

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