Bezzera BB012 Commercial Coffee Grinder

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  1. With over a hundred years of experience working with baristas, cafes, restaurants, etc.
    Bezzera builds their grinders with their clear understanding of coffee and consumer’s needs.

    The BB012 commercial grinder is the only necessary grind on demand commercial grinder they designed and is all they need.

    Bezzera BB012 Commercial Coffee Grinder

    The commercial coffee grinder plays a big part in helping the barista or a pool of users for office.

    Fresh on demand

    Beans can better preserve from oxidation when it is bean form. In powdered form, the surface area will increase exponentially which hasten oxidation.

    This is an on demand grinder, meaning that the beans will be ground and immediately dosed into the portafilter for immediate use.


    With two dosage control buttons which can be programmed to 0.1 second settings.

    An easy to use grind setting knob and a measurement scale to quickly adjust to the preferred grind setting.

    The Bezzera BB012 Grinder are made to the needs of a commercial environment.

    It is very easy to set and to adjust to the grind level for any new users.

    There is also a manual button, to dose as much as the user prefer.

    The hopper is at a just nice size of 1KG.

    This is the standard and perfect size for commercial coffee packs.

    Grind quality

    For the Bezzera BB012 grinder, it’s equipped with a large 64mm flat burr.

    The design of the burrs allows a perfect union between the toothed rings, speed, pressure, outlet design, temperature, etc.

    The result is a precise and homogeneous grain-sizing with which the properties of the best coffees are kept unchanged as they pass through the burrs.

    Affordable Spares

    For commercial environment, where large amount of beans are always used.

    The risk of damaging the burrs will increase, especially if the beans are from roasters who had not used proper de-stoning techniques or equipment.

    Foreign objects like stones can easily destroy the burrs of any kind.

    Thus it’s recommended to use flat burrs which are much more affordable for replacement than conic burrs.

    The burrs can be easily replaced by the user.


    It is important to use the grinder brush and empty the chute occasionally.

    Depending on the the level of oiliness of the bean, coffee can be retained and eventually blocking coffee from dosing out correctly.

    The grinder should not be used to grind other objects.


    Do not insert your finger into the grinder!

    Type.. Grinder On Demand

    Usage.. For Commercial  (Up to 3.5KG a day)

    Burrs.. Flat 64 MM

    RPM.. 1400

    Hopper Capacity.. 1 KG

    Grinding speed.. 7.5KG/HR

    UV Protected Hopper.. No

    Dosage.. Yes ( 2 dosage buttons)

    Place of Production.. 100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera

    Place of Assembly.. 100% Italy, Milan by Bezzera (By Hand)

    Dimension.. 220 x 400 x 470 MM

    Net Weight.. 12 KG

    Gross Weight.. 14 KG

    Power Supply.. 230V

    Nominal Power.. 300W

    Warranty.. 6 Months

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