Bezzera Matrix DE And Eureka Olympus

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The Bezzera Matrix DE is fully equipped with a triple PID thermostat, the third of which helps to control it’s electronically heated E61 brew group, ensuring consistently hot espresso. The Matrix DE is one of the only espresso machines to feature color changing side panels to fit the users’ mood and kitchen, making it a unique and stylish edition to any countertop.

Powerful and a bit imposing, the Olympus is a grinder of mythic proportions. With a powerful 800W motor and 75mm flat steel burrs, the Olympus can produce a double shot in just 2.4 seconds. With micrometric grind adjustment you can clean the burrs without losing your settings. The stepless design allows for infinite movement of the motor to refine any shot. Once you’re dialed in, you can program single and double shots within 1/10 of a second, or use the grinder in manual mode.

Bezzera Matrix DE: Dual Boilers, Bezzera Group, Color Changing Side Panels (7 colors), Rotary Pump, PID Temperature Control of Brew and Steam, Programmable Pre-Infusion, Daily On/Off Time, Plumbable, Intuitive Touch Display, Made in Milan

Eureka Olympus: Electronic Dosing Control, 75mm Stainless Steel Burrs, 800W Motor, Infinite Grind Settings, Micrometric Grind Adjustment, Adjustable Coffee Chute, Made in Florence

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