Expobar Office Lever Plus Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Expobar Office Lever Plus Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine


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The Expobar Office Lever Plus is an innovative heat-exchange machine that flawlessly merges light commercial capabilities and a consumer-friendly design. It features simultaneous brewing and steaming, an E61 group, adjustable OPV and the option to plumb directly into a water line.

Owning the Expobar Office Lever Plus

The Expobar Office Lever Plus is a welcome upgrade to the Office Lever design.

With it, we see the insulated steam wand, and, the clincher for our admiration, a plumbability option for direct connection into a water line. Its optional plumbability makes the Office Lever Plus a stand out among heat-exchangers, not only in the Expobar line up, but across the board. You’ll never have to refill the boiler again, and you can install an inline water filtration system, such as BWT, to remove the need to descale the machine and improve longevity. Plus, the Office Lever Plus retains all of the functionalities that have made it an industry benchmark: simultaneous brewing and steaming, dual pressure gauges, and Expobar’s thoughtfully reimagined E61 group head, which uses a thermosyphon to ensure temperature stability and an integrated concave pre-infusion chamber for evenly saturated extractions. At the price point, the Office Lever Plus offers amazing functionality at an incredible value.

Upon flicking the switch, the boiler will heat up to brew temp, as designated by both the indicator light and the pressure gauge reaching 1 bar. Raising the lever controls a valve in the brew group: up activates the pump and opens the valve to allow water to flow through the grounds; down opens a valve that relieves the water pressure from the coffee. The Expobar Office Lever is compact and convenient for heavier use when plumbed in; perfect for the serious home, office or small cafe. barista. Also part of Expobar’s Office Line are the Control, which offers programmable volumetric brewing at the press of a button; the Pulser, which is similar in looks and operation to the Control sans programmable buttons; and the standard Office Lever, which is the same great machine as the Plus without the plumbing option.

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