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      Conical Burr Set

      We ‘ve built the HG one grinder around Mazzer ‘s conical burr set which can be found in their acclaimed Robur series of grinders. The burrs come in two sizes, a 71mm version which is common in the United States and Canada, and the 83mm 3 phase version found in Europe or countries with 240v as standard. We ‘ve opted to go with the slightly larger 83mm burrs in the HG one grinder. This set has the reputation of producing a grind unparalleled for espresso. Normally found in top of the line commercial machines twice the size of ours, we ‘ve squeezed these burrs into an elegantly compact hand grinder that doesn ‘t take over your counter top.

      Slower Is Better

      The majority of burr sets available today, flat or conical, have been designed to spin at upwards of 1,000 to 1,300 rpm. The downside is heat generated during the grinding process can adversely affect flavor. Our burr set has been specifically designed to operate at much lower speeds ‘in the range of 400 to 500 rpm ‘which in turn makes it ideal for a hand grinder. We ‘re estimating that the top speed for the average user would be around 100 to 120 rpm, resulting in a grind time of around 30 seconds for a 17g shot. And because of the large surface area of the burr set, the thermal stability is excellent.

      Direct Path

      Another distinct advantage to the HG one grinder is the path of the coffee grounds. With flat burrs, centrifugal force propels grounds out of the burrs sideways, and in most cases become compacted in a chute or against the wall of a grinding chamber. With our conical burrs, grounds exit straight downwards and gravity does the rest. This results in less clumping and a resulting ground which could best be described as fluffy.

      Build Quality

      The HG one grinder frame is constructed of three quarter inch thick 6061 T6 aluminum plates that are sandblasted and anodized to provide a tough outer shell. Hardened steel gears on stainless steel shafts connect an eight and a half inch diameter flywheel to the conical grinding burrs. The CNC milled burr assembly and gear housing, along with four industrial grade sealed bearings, ensure precise alignment of the grinding elements.

      There is no motor to burn out or need servicing. The power comes from you.

      We ‘ve also designed the HG one to be easily serviced by the end user. Our grinder uses standard off the shelf parts that are easily sourced and readily available.

      Everything breaks. We ‘ve made it easy to fix.

      We ‘ve built the HG one to last.

      Low Ground Retention – What goes in must come out

      It ‘s a simple idea and one of the main design tenets that we strove to incorporate into the HG one grinder. If you measure 17 grams of coffee beans for your shot and put it in our grinder, you should get as close to 17 grams of coffee grounds coming out as possible. Anything left in the machine is wasted, and any retained grounds will grow stale and rancid, impacting the quality of your next shot.

      The vertical design of the HG one grinder facilitates coffee traveling through the machine in a direct path downwards, letting gravity do all of the work. Beans are loaded into the upper funnel, which is located directly above the burrs. The ashtray shape of the upper funnel in combination with the onion like profile of the main shaft, prevents the vast majority of beans from popcorning out of the grinder. Once through the burrs, it ‘s a straight shot down and right out of the machine.

      There are no chutes, dosing mechanisms, or nooks and crannies for grounds to become trapped.

      And with barely any surface contact, we minimize the chance of grounds becoming compacted. All of this leads to better results in the cup as well as a grinder that ‘s easy to clean.

      Easy to Clean
      The HG one grinder has been designed from the start to be both simple and easy to clean. The upper funnel can be lifted away to reveal the top of the burr set. A few quick flicks with a brush removes any stray coffee grounds. The lower funnel held in place by six strong rare earth magnets and is removed with a simple twist of the wrist. Once exposed, the lower burrs can be cleaned in a flash.

      You don ‘t need to search for a screwdriver every time you clean your grinder and you don ‘t have to worry about how to put it back together. Cleaning the HG one grinder doesn ‘t take hours, only seconds. And with all the time you save, you can have another cup of coffee.


      We ‘ve built a grinder that doesn ‘t have circuit boards and switches that will burn out or break. Our grinder is powered by you. No motors, no electricity. It ‘s made to last and to be handed down to the next generation rather than end up in a landfill. Deliberately easy to service at home, using no special tools. And not that you would want to consider this option, but by weight, 95% of the HG one grinder is recyclable.


      Depth 27 cm

      Height 67 cm

      Weight 11.5 kg, 25.3 lbs

      Width 23 cm

      Bean Hopper Capacity N/A

      Bean Hopper Material N/A

      Best Suited For Espresso

      Burr Material Steel

      Burr Size 83 mm

      Burr Speed Manual

      Burr Type Conical

      Colour Black/Silver

      Dispensing Method Doser

      Grind Adjustment N/A

      Grind Retention Low Ground Retention

      Grind Settings N/A

      Has Portafilter Holder N/A

      Made In USA

      Manufacturer HG One

      Material 6061 T6 Aluminum Plates, Hardened Steel Gears, Stainless Steel Shafts

      Programmable N/A

      Sound Level N/A

      Type Of Controls Manual

      Volts N/A

      Watts N/A

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